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Maroon Pashmina Tilla Kari Jamawar Shawl 2.5 Yards

Maroon Pashmina Tilla Kari Jamawar Shawl 2.5 Yards

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TILLA KARI- A gold- or silver-plated metallic threads embroidered on luxurious Kashmiri Pure Pashmina shawls. Kari means work in kashmiri.

"Jamawar, 'Jama' means robe and 'war/var' is chest and metaphorically body. The best quality of Jamawar is built with Pashmina."

"Tilla designs are embroidered especially on borders or full surface
of the Shawls

  • 100% Pure Pashmina 
  • Place of Origin: Kashmir 
  • Dry Clean Only
  • No Washing 


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