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Featuring fine Pashmina Shawls, THE ARNIMAAL is a subsidiary founded by M K EXPORTS group based out of Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir India. M K EXPORTS was founded in circa. 1970. We have a collection of Kani Pashmina, Kalamkari, Jamawar, Jali, Jama, Tilla Kari and more. 
These all types of Pure Pashmina Shawls are hand crafted by the Shawl Weavers of Kashmir who have inherited this art from their forefathers and have fine taste of design, colours and threads. Weaving of pashmina requires them to have patience, dedication and passion of weaving a master piece. Each of the shawl is a masterpiece on it own, with unique blend of colours and designs.  
Pure Pashmina shawls, are symbol of status, and blend with every attire you chose for any occasion. They complement your looks with their graceful display of composed elegance. 

We at THE ARNIMAAL, make sure that the quality of each of the shawls is tested before it is made available on our stores. Each of the products goes through quality control. 

THE ARNIMAAL is proud to introduce a this online shopping store for their customers world wide. 

The Journey of ARNIMAAL


THE ARNIMAAL was started with the humble beginning, and the vision of taking KASHMIRI Handicrafts to the world. We have been delivering the Pure Pashmina shawls worldwide. Here we are today with a complete online store presenting best of our shawl collection.

The Story of Artisans


Pashmina or pašmina (Persian) is a fine type of cashmere wool. THE ARNIMAAL continues to carry forward the legacy of Zain-ul’Abidin (1420-1470 A.D.), of popularising the Kashmiri textiles beyond geographical boundaries and taking the craft of Kashmiri artisans to the world. The Artisans of Pashmina have inherited the art 'fun' of weaving Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls from their forefathers.

The Making Of Pashmina


Pashmina Shawl weaving involves extracting matted oily mass that is extracted twice in a year from a Cashmere goat’s under fleece. The process involves sorting raw Cashmere, spinning, weaving. The Process is extensive and thorough. The weavers have to have an eye for details which takes decades of experience to master it.